Sales condition and Warranty

All sales of Terno Scorrevoli products to buyers are governed by the present General Conditions (which shall be forwarded for signature at the time of reception of the first order, together with the documentation relative to confidentiality) and the Buyer must return a copy of the same to Terno Scorrevoli, duly signed for approval by a legal representative in the apposite spaces.

1) Terno Scorrevoli shall accept the order by sending the Buyer an order confirmation: in this way, the sales contract shall be complete and the relative order shall become effective.

2) The prices of the items sold shall be those shown in the Terno Scorrevoli Price List in force at the time of the order. Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing. The presence of unsolved will involve the block some orders current that will be evaded after receiving the payment of such slopes.

3) Consignment shall be ex our factory: the products shall therefore be consigned at the premises of Terno Scorrevoli to the respective shippers or directly to the Buyer, and the same shall be responsible for the shipping costs and transport risks.

4) Terno Scorrevoli products sold to resellers are guaranteed against eventual defects and/or malfunctions for a period of 12 months from the date of consignment. Directly observable defects must be reported to Terno Scorrevoli within 8 days of the date of consignment and non-observable defects must be reported within 2 months of their discovery. Finished products may be defective up to 2%, unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties in writing. Returns shall only be accepted if previously authorized by Terno Scorrevoli and only at its premises.

5) The present Conditions of Sale are regulated by Italian law. Any and all disputes or controversy related to the interpretation, execution or resolution of the present sales contract shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Monza.

6) Terno Scorrevoli reserves the right to modify any of its articles in order to carry out an improvement.

7) Terno Scorrevoli will be not liable for malfunctioning or damages caused by the improper use of Terno Scorrevoli’s products. The use of Terno Scorrevoli SpA products in combination with components from other manufacturers is considered improper use of the products sold.

8) Minimum order amount for Italian customers is net 250.00 Euros – For smaller orders, the handling fees are net 20.00 Euros.
For EU customers minimum order amount is net 500.00 Euros.
For extra EU customers minimum order amount is net 1000.00 Euros.

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