Fine System

The aluminium frame for sliding doors -
elegant, functional and minimalist

Fine System

The aluminium frame for sliding doors -
elegant, functional and minimalist

Design and Convenience

Not just beauty, but flexibility and sustainable costs as well

Fine is the new aluminium frame for sliding doors, designed to meet the needs of a modern and sustainable market.

The minimalist design can enhance the profile of wardrobes, making it possible to create modern solutions with a high aesthetic impact.

Its technical and construction characteristics guarantee reduced manufacturing and storage costs. As the only work required is cutting the profiles at 90°, manufacturing costs and time can be optimised.

Following the construction standards we have provided, it will be possible to assemble the frame, doors, guides and sliding systems with no extra cuts, holes or finishing work required.

This ambivalent advantage translates into great aesthetic value, very easy assembly and reduced manufacturing costs.

8 mm … Fine!

Thinner and more resistant than ever

The new visible frame is only 8 mm thick.

It is truly incredible if considering how resistant it is. Once assembled, it guarantees fluid movement, especially if combined with our Star Fluid sliding system.

Fine System

One system, many advantages

Not just aesthetics, but construction flexibility and a range of options

Fine has been designed to be a flexible system in construction terms as well.

With a single kit of accessories and seals, cabinets with 4 mm thick wooden and glass doors (with and without crossbeams) can be made using the specific structural seals.

Modern and Versatile

Compatible with all our sliding systems

Fine can be combined with our main sliding systems for wardrobes: Star Fluid, Comfort,which can be easily installed in the upper horizontal crossbeams, thanks to self-drilling screws.

Lower guides, for doors 17mm or 35mm above the floor, can be easily installed through the plates positioned on the frame’s lower horizontal crossbeams.

The 28 mm / 40 mm frame is compatible with all the wardrobe sliding systems already in our catalogue. This great advantage makes the system incredibly flexible.

For wardrobes with 2 or 3 doors

A unique design that will leave you speechless

For wardrobes with 2 or 3 doors

Thanks to its specific framed design, systems with 2 or 3 doors can be created without the need to add and use handles of any kind.
An aesthetical, practical and economical advantage that is certainly unrivalled.

With a single sliding system kit it is also possible to combine a glass and a wooden door - yet another aesthetic and technical advantage.