Eclettica with Fluid Technology

Eclettica with Fluid Technology


A recessed sliding system for wooden doors

Automatic lateral bracket system for sliding doors

Eclettica is an easy-to-assemble sliding system with bracket characterized by an automatic lateral coupling. Dedicated to wooden doors, it’s also suitable to our Universal frame. Eclettica bracket can be fully recessed in the door, in order to reduce the gap between door and track. It is also possible to embed the sliding rail into the ceiling.

Easy to install and adjust

<h2>Easy to install and adjust</h2>

Eclettica system is assembled in a few simple steps. To engage the trolley in the brackets simply place the pin on the bracket lever and press it. It’s also easy to adjust in a few simple moves.
It’s possible to embed the sliding track of Eclettica’s system inside the ceiling.

Flexible SYSTEM

Flexible bracket position

The Eclettica system bracket can be installed in two different ways, depending on the desired aesthetic result: it can be fixed at the top of the door, without making any milling in the wood, or it can be completely recessed into the door, in order to reduce the gap between door and track.

Bracket at the top

Bracket at the top

Totally Recessed

Totally Recessed

Why Choose

  • Recessed

    Thanks to the simple installation process, the system is an optimal solution for all applications with ceiling recessed requirements.

  • Easy Installation

    The Eclettica system can be assembled in just a few simple steps, thanks to the automatic quick-locking system of the bracket.

  • Fluid Technology

    Thanks to Fluid Technology, the system has exceptionally smooth soft-closing, silent movement, and steady performance.

Eclettica Fluid — datasheet



Width: 650 ÷ 1600 mm


Weight: Max 250 kg


Fluid dampers

Fluid dampers

Shock absorber

Shock absorber