• Magi2 Frame by Terno Scorrevoli

    Magi2 Frame by Terno Scorrevoli

  • Magi2 Frame by Terno Scorrevoli

    Magi2 Frame by Terno Scorrevoli

    magic2 Frame

    A sliding door with concealed track

    Discover where the magic begins

    Invisible sliding system

    The whole Sliding System is concealed!

    • Magic2 Frame: door opened

      Magic2 Frame: door opened

    • Magic2 Frame: door closed

      Magic2 Frame: door closed

      The revolution of sliding door systems

      Magic2 Frame: Original Invisible System for Aluminum-framed Sliding Doors

      Magic2 Frame is the most revolutionary exterior wall sliding door system, combined with the durable Universal aluminum frame: all mechanisms are completely hidden.

      Magic2 Frame is suitable for solid brick wall, hollow brick wall and concrete wall.
      Magic2 Frame is also suitable for plasterboard walls, as long as the specific anchors for plasterboard are used and the installation is done accurately.


      The ORIGINAL PATENTED system

      Magic2 Frame combines special features of Magic2 system and Universal frame

      Magic2 stands as the original invisible sliding system, the signature product of Terno Scorrevoli worldwide and currently exported to over 80 countries.
      An upgraded version of the original Magic system launched on the market over 10 years ago, Magic2 has set a new aesthetic standard for design sliding doors, earning recognition and appreciation from architects and designers for its minimalist style and functionality.
      Universal is Terno Scorrevoli’s innovative aluminum door frame that, with its clean lines, reduced bulk, and high resistance, provides exceptional versatility for architects and designers.

      Tubular extruded profile

      Tubular extruded profile


      Universal frame is an elegant, yet practical and durable product

      The sliding track external cover will shape with the door a continuous surface: everything contributes to confer to Universal frame a minimal, pleasant design.

      Tubular extruded profiles, metal joints, maximal grip, load-bearing connectors, and bi-extruded gaskets – all components collaborate to ensure the glass weight is supported by vertical uprights and horizontal crosstracks, effectively reducing the pressure by half.

      Versatility and resistance

      Assembly using metal joint connectors allows profiles to be cut to the preferred size without further drilling or milling, ensuring the best grip at all times.

      • Brushed Anodized Black

        Brushed Anodized Black

      • Brushed Anodized Nickel

        Brushed Anodized Nickel

      • Brushed Anodized Silver

        Brushed Anodized Silver

        A Creative DESIGN

        Magic2 Frame enhances door design, fits any space, and sparks creativity

        Magic2 Frame invisible system is extremely flexible: while accessories are totally invisible, door frame profiles are available in different finishings, from lighter to darker colors, as per latest design trends.

        Brushed Anodized Black Brushed Anodized Nickel Brushed Anodized Silver
        Patented Lower Wheels

        Patented Lower Wheels

        No marks and no deformation

        Patented bottom wheels designed for a better sliding

        Lower wheels of the Magic2 systems allow the weight of the door to be completely unloaded onto the floor. The material they are made of leaves no marks on the floor, even after years of use.

        Finally, the wheels have a built-in bumper system that allows them to absorb any unevenness in the floor (such as tile joints), thus ensuring optimal movement at all times.


        Exceptionally smooth closure, silent movement, and steady performance

        Magic2 Frame system incorporates the latest generation of soft-closing dampers, featuring Terno Scorrevoli’s innovative Fluid technology with double returning springs, which always ensures a smooth and quiet braking experience for optimal user satisfaction.
        The product performance undergoes continuous quality testing in Terno Scorrevoli’s TLAB laboratory.

        CLOSING TEST: 80 kg (176 Lbs) — 0,4 m/s

        <h2>CLOSING TEST: 80 kg (176 Lbs) — 0,4 m/s</h2> <h2>CLOSING TEST: 80 kg (176 Lbs) — 0,4 m/s</h2>

        T-LAB is the location where tests are conducted to improve performances of Terno systems and the testing machine developed by Terno Scorrevoli

        Discover T-Lab

        Flexible flooring solutions

        <h2>Flexible flooring solutions </h2>

        Thanks to the application of a specially designed aluminum and adhesive profile, the Magic2 Frame system easily adapts to carpeted floors. The application of this profile ensures the best possible smoothness.

        A safe and practical anti-unhooking System

        A safe and practical anti-unhooking System

        A safe and practical anti-unhooking System

        Magic2 Frame sliding upper guide incorporates two rotating anti-release elements, equipped with safety levers that can be easily turned and removed after the door’s installation, without the need for any tools. The prominently visible levers make the use of anti-release systems mandatory for all installers, ensuring maximum safety for all users.

        Why choose

        • INVISIBLE

          Concealed tracks, soft-closing dampers, bottom sliding wheels and upper sliding guide are completely hidden.


          The quality and reliability of the Magic2 Frame system are officially certified thanks to tests carried out at authorized laboratories and certification bodies, performing up to 100,000 door opening cycles.

        • RESISTANT

          Frame’s extruded profiles are tubular and assembled by metal joint connectors.

        • DESIGN

          Profiles and accessories are available in different finishings.


          Improve user experience with Magic2 Frame’s exceptionally smooth and silent movement.

        • SAFE

          Safety is a top priority with the Magic2 Frame system, seamlessly integrating a secure and practical antiunhooking feature to guarantee maximal safety for all users.

        Magic2 Frame — datasheet



        Width: 680 ÷ 1500 mm


        Weight: Max 80 kg

        Close to floor

        Close to floor: 10 mm


        Fluid dampers

        Fluid dampers



        Available finishes colours

        • Brushed Anodized Silver

        • Brushed Anodized Dark Brown

        • Brushed Anodized Black

        • Brushed Anodized Nickel

        • Brushed Anodized Graphite