Pivot System

Hinge system for swing doors with opening up to 180°

The door, the main character

The door today is stripped of its most functional role and becomes a fundamental part of the interior design

Today, the door has become a fundamental element of interior design.
The door (hinged or sliding) integrates with the atmosphere of the house, dividing the space, but furnishing itself.
It is no longer a separate element of the home, something secondary or of little importance, but rather, it takes on a primary meaning and contributes to the aesthetic sense of the entire room.
Terno Scorrevoli, which has always been focused on the functional and aesthetic problems of the market, today proposes a new type of door that further integrates the already very wide range of external sliding doors in its catalogue.

Pivot System

A practical, functional and elegant system

Pivot system is designed to meet all installation requirements

The Pivot system includes: a pair of hinges with an off-centre axis, handle shells and Zamak fittings.

The Pivot system can be installed either on the aluminium frame of the Universal series (with 6 to 8 mm thick glass panes), or on wooden doors, thus integrating with the telescopic jamb with a patented coupling system.

Pivot components are also installed on our wall system GRiD System, using the posts that this modular system provides. T

he system's profiles and extrusions offer the practical possibility of adapting the size of the entire frame to the available space: simply trim the extrusions to size with a 90° cut.

Pivot System + Universal Frame + Telescopic Jamb Pivot System + Universal Frame + Telescopic Jamb
Pivot System + GRiD System Pivot System + GRiD System
Hinges with integrated adjustments

Hinges with integrated adjustments

The Pivot system is easy to install and very flexible, thanks to its 3-axis adjustable hinges:

  • Height adjustment
  • Front offset adjustment, to align the door frontally to the frame
  • Adjustment of the lateral inclination of the door, to reflect the gap between the door and the doorframe, along the 3 sides of the door (the lower one is excluded)

By adjusting bottom and top hinges, the door is calibrated in height. With the same adjustment, the door is also aligned in front of the frame and its lateral inclination is calibrated. With the Pivot system, no further machining is required on the aluminium frame to fit the hinge. In addition, the system's hinges fit on the Universal frame crossbeam, thanks to a reduced height of only 38 mm.

The telescopic jamb

Patented screwless telescopic coupling system

The system is integrated by the innovative jamb with patented screwless telescopic function that allows it to be installed on all existing walls, with thicknesses ranging from 100 to 150 mm.

Step N.1
Step N.2
Step N.3
Step N.4

Thanks to the built-in snaps for adjustment, which allow for independent positioning, the jamb can easily adapt to any existing wall cavity, thanks to its flexibility: the 'out-of-plumb' problem found in many existing walls is thus solved. The adjustment snaps can be inserted and moved as required, depending on the installation requirements. Once housed in the desired position, the snaps can be stopped and secured using the lever on the snap itself.

Whatever the furnishing requirements of a home, the Pivot system responds adequately as it can integrate with the Terno Scorrevoli telescopic jamb, but also with the traditional jambs on the market.

Pivot system features

The same Pivot system's kit is suitable for different applications:

  • Pull solution — allows an opening up to 180°.
  • Push solution — allows an opening up to 90°.
  • Right-hand opening.
  • Left-hand opening.
  • Maximum door dimensions: 1000 x 3000 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 80 kg (per door)
  • Installation on:
       —  Universal Frame + Jamb
       —  Wooden door + Jamb
       —  GRiD System for equipped walls
Pivot System
Pull solution
Opening up to 180°.
Pivot System
Push solution
Opening up to 90°.