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    The new ORIGINAL invisible sliding system for doors

    It's ready the Magic2, the Magic evolution!

    Ternoscorrevoli developed this new Magic by improving all its features: each of its specific components has been thoroughly studied to get the most out of functionality.

    The system integrates four international patents.


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    Ternoscorrevoli presents the new Magic2


    Ternoscorrevoli is proud to presente the new Magic2: the PATENTED CONCEALED system for external wall sliding doors with shockabsorbing

    Like the Magic, but much better!

    Discover more @ this page:

    Magic2 presentation


    Ternoscorrevoli presents the Micro system50


    Ternoscorrevoli has developed a new product: the Micro 50

    Invisible sliding system integrated in sliding aluminum profiles of small size (50 mm).

    The system does not require glasswork

Made in Italy

We approach all the production stages with a careful and precise analysis of costs and criticalities, continually collaborating with the customer.

After having dealt with the stages that regard studying the feasibility, the design stage and prototyping, we put the entire production system, the beating heart of our company, into motion. We then carry out all the necessary tests before preparing the productive environment, optimizing all our resources for producing the necessary parts.

All these stages are carried out within the company, so as to eliminate any production issues and to guarantee punctuality and high production capacity.

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    Micro 50

    Concealed sliding elements integrated into profiles with reduced dimensions

    Concealed sliding system for glass doors, integrated into profiles with reduced dimensions (50 mm). No glass drilling required.

    Design and functionality
    The innovative Micro 50 system is able to meet current design and load capacity market requirements.
    The system, indeed, is equipped with a sliding clamps...