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Magic2 - invisible sliding door system

The original invisible sliding doors system

Over 50 mm of braking distance

The Magic2 system uses new PATENTED dampers, for a total
braking of 50 mm, increasing the soft closing motion of 20mm

New adjustable stoppers

The new adjustable dampers are no more connected to the spacer or end caps. is now possible to adjust the damper position when required.

it's the new one

1. Patented lower wheels for better smoothness

The new lower wheels of Magic2 have PATENTED suspensions, and have been designed with larger diameter, larger bearings and bigger pivots. The rubber on wheels has been doubled to make them stronger and smoother.

Magic2 system integrates two fixed springs that works up to 40kg door weight. For doors weight higher than 40kg, up to maximum
80kg, new wheels will flex more and hit the new rubber cylinder that act as an additional cushion to the two springs.

2. Silent lower guide

In order to increase the smoothness of motion, the Magic2 system is equipped with metallic lower guide made in zama. to better increase sliding
silence Magic2 also includes a plastic profile in the bottom of the door.

3. New position for spacer wheels

The Magic2 system incorporates new spacer wheels, placed at the end of the door, to better protect the door from any contact with the wall.

4. New PATENTED system for any type of adjustment

The new Magic2 slider system incorporates a PATENTED® micrometric adjustment system, wich allows any type of vertical and horizontal adjustment: to compensate the possible wall irregularities. These operations are possible also without remove the door from the slide as it was in previous model.

5. Practical unblocking system

The Magic2 system is equipped with two new anti unhooking elements. In these new elements, two safety rods have been inserted, they are used to easily rotate the anti unhookings without any other tool.